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Fire Protection

What is Fire Protection

Fire protection or flame proofing is the act of applying a flame retarding liquid chemical coating to furnishing such as carpets, drapery and area rugs. Once applied, an incidental, momentary exposure to a spark or flame would not be sufficient to cause combustion.

Who Need Fire Protection

At least as it applies to NYC, the FDNY mandates that all public buildings including retail stores, entertainment venues, hotels and eateries have all "natural fiber" type furnishing properly processed with an approved flame barrier. A certificate of flame proofing must be secured from the FDNY..

What You Should Know About Fire Protection Credentials

  • Vendor's process must be approved by Board of Standards & Appeals
  • Vendor's chemicals must meet Health Department standards
  • Vendor must be awarded a Certificate of Fitness for Flame Proofing issued by FDNY