Durotone is fully insured and works throughout NYC

On-Site Carpet Cleaning

Durotone’s Brings Their Carpet Cleaning Expertise to Your Location

Professional Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning - What Traditional Vacuuming Can’t Do

Particularly in high traffic areas, regular (every 12-18 months) professional grade deep cleaning your carpets and area rugs cures (literally) many ills:
  • Penetrates carpet fiber to remove all ground-in dust and dried dirt
  • Removes unhealthy airborne particulates that compromise a healthy living environment
  • Kills germs and infestations on contact
  • Restores original vibrancy and extends a carpet’s useful life

The Durotone Difference for Your Broadloom Wool Woven Carpets & Rugs

While steam cleaning is an acceptable carpet cleaning methodology, Durotone has a better “solution”:

  • Application of a pH balanced shampoo engineered to ensure retention of appearance & fiber integrity
  • Encapsulating foam surrounds and binds to soil particulates for removal
  • Rotary machine technique maximizes deep cleaning agitation  

Floor Covering Cleaning at Your Convenience

  • Appointments readily available
  • No prep work on your part required, our experienced staff handles every detail
  • Carpet cleaning processes always customized to be in compliance with manufactory warranties