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A guaranteed Carpet mothproofing Solution? Buy Synthetic!

Of course buying synthetic wall-to-wall carpet is one way to reduce the likelihood of clothes moths / carpet beetle infestation. But, what can be done to protect your fine wool-woven heirlooms, priceless area rugs and Oriental carpets?

Durotone's Mothproofing Service

  • Technician performs full-house moth / beetle infestation audit
  • Thorough vacuuming wall-to-wall carpet surface & both sides of area rug
  • Applies repellant to identified infestation areas of rooms
  • Applies carpet-friendly moth repellant to entire carpet and rug surface.

Mothproofing Basics for Oriental & Other Wool Blended Rugs

  • Be diligent in removing animal hair, food stains and body oils that attract larvae
  • Routinely vacuum to remove the insect's egg deposits
  • Brushing (outdoors) and exposure to sunlight assists in reducing the larvae population
  • Be sure to turn area rugs over to vacuum bottom side, top-side cleaning misses larvae

About Moth Infestation & Recognizing If It's Happening

  • Absence of adults moths means nothing, it's the larvae that do the damage
  • Carpet beetles are often mistake to be harmless "lady bugs"
  • Areas close to wall or under furniture is where they live and damage detected
  • There is no "season" eggs hatch year-round and in areas with low-traffic
  • Small damage holes accompanied by silken cases or threads and fecal pellets.