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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rugs vs Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning

 The Area Rug Difference
  • Area rugs are hand woven vs machine made.
  • Area rugs are made of natural fibers vs most wall-to-wall synthetic blends.
  • Area rugs are tightly woven requiring no backing

Why traditional Carpet Cleaning Methods Fail

  • Area rugs having no backing require thorough cleaning, simply cleaning the surface will only provide marginal results.
  • Surface cleaning may contribute to damaging the hand-woven rug fibers of your precious piece of work.
  • It is estimated that even a 100sq. ft. area rug could hold up to eighty pounds of dried dirt and waste.
  • The solutions used on synthetic carpets can reduce fiber longevity, affect color fastness and loss of your area rug's vibrant appearance.    

Durotone's Door-to-Door Rug Cleaning Services

  • You call, we pick-up and return (estimate is 2 weeks, insuring 100% dry time)
  • Our technicians identify the style* and adjust the cleaning solutions to optimally clean and protect your carpet's integrity.
  • Thoroughly immersed and hand-scrubbed with pH balance encapsulating foam shampoo.
  •  Industrial grade water and dirt extraction equipment returns your area rug to like new condition.
  • Hung in temperature / humidity controlled room until completely dried.

        * Style include Oriental, Hand Knotted, Tufted, Wilton, Viscose, Banana Silk & Nusilk